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Cora Lynn Rogers

The Kompliqué Woman sets high standards for every aspect of her life and never takes a break. She understands herself and her purpose and pours love onto the ones around her.
The Kompliqué Woman has true sophisticated beauty and unparalleled style that is conveyed in her actions, poise, diction, clothing and overall presence. She is ambitious and driven, yet mindful and kind. Her name is Cora Lynn Rogers and she is A Kompliqué Woman. 

Cora is not your average twenty-three year old. She teaches Elementary Education, tutors students after school, models
on weekends, helps take care of her handicap sister, does volunteer work and somehow still finds time for the gym, cooking and friends. Cora graduated from Central Michigan University with honors and double majored in Mathematics and Integrated Science for Elementary Education. “As an educator, I can nurture tomorrow’s leaders. It is the upcoming generations that will make transformations and bring a
greater good.“

Cora’s passion for education has not stopped with her students; she has taken her knowledge across the globe. Cora spent last summer abroad in Cambodia, where she developed a youth program and a boys’ center. “I cannot provide change, however, education is a major key towards change and that I can provide.” Cora created Cora's Cause to empower others, especially young women, to chase their dreams and make a difference in the world. She also wanted to raise awareness for causes close to her heart and use it as a tool for fundraising
“I know nothing worthwhile can be achieved without hard work. I also know that goals are essentially dreams with a deadline. Luck does not play a substantial role in my life; I have worked extremely hard with the hand I was dealt, found my niches and strive to give back while embracing life.”

“Much like the Kompliqué Woman, I am continuously working to improve myself and the lives around me.  Please join me at http://www.corascause.com and let my stories and the relationships I have built inspire you to make a difference.“

Cora's Favorite Kompliqué Styles

  • Deauville

    This Suit is Perfection! With its Swarovski Crystal embellishments and luxurious fabric, wearing this suit makes me feel like a million bucks!

  • Hammamet

    I adore the look of the Hammamet because it compliments me in all the right areas, which is as rare as the one-of-a kind handcrafted jeweled accessories.

  • Dune

    This dress give you the option of wearing it from day to night, I will be pulling this timeless piece out of my closet for years to come.