Komplique Swimwear. Official Swimwear Sponsor of Miss America.

About the Designer

Of Greek decent, Despina Filios inherited her father’s creative passion to work and succeed.  She was born in Buenos Aires and moved to Rio De Janiero in her teens.  She was instantly inspired with a summer that lasts the entire year and with the country that allows all forms of sensuality.
Despina studied fashion and was able to unite her talents and transform her passion into many lucrative and solid businesses.  By 2002, she was already creating exclusive collections for Victoria’s Secret, Sakes, Nordstroms, and Henry Bendel. 
In 2007, Despina co-founded Kompliqué SA of Geneva, Switzerland with the objective of creating collections in her own image……”a beautiful, confident, ambitious, yet ultra feminine young woman.”

About the Brand

Brand Concept

Kompliqué is an exploration into the simplistic beauty that all fashion should embrace. Its value is far greater than its genuine Swarovski Crystals and 18-karat gold pieces. Its luxury reaches beyond the fine Italian silks and vibrant color palates that make up each and every item. Kompliqué is truly an escape from the everyday. The collection allows women to transcend from reality to a place of classic attraction and timeless elegance - stripping away current fashion confines to illuminate a pure feminine identity. Men and women alike are drawn to the edenistic beauty and overwhelming emotion evoked through these timeless pieces.

The Collection

Kompliqué is dedicated to the high quality and luxury aspects of its brand. The 2012 collection is comprised of 46 pieces that are hand crafted from the finest fabrics and jewelry hardware, with a focus on gold accents, Swarovski crystals, and Italian silks. With classic European inspiration and whimsical design, Kompliqué promises a unique breath of fresh air to any modern female- holding the potential to reinvent resort wear across an entire industry.